White Christmas Dip

Branding, Logo Design

The White Christmas Dip is an annual charity fancy dress Christmas morning dip held on the beach next to Boscombe Pier in Bournemouth for Macmillan Caring Locally. It’s great fun, and for a great cause and this year (2016) they wanted to update their branding.

For the logo design, I was inspired by the fun, energetic atmosphere of the event whilst also the element of the water. The colours were requested to be the same as the Macmillan Caring Locally logo, in an effort to convey charities’ recognisable colours.

The layout of the logo is to suggest the  actual ‘dip’ in the water, with the word ‘dip’ partially shaped by the splash of water. It’s charismatic, full of energy and effective in portraying the tone of the event and people involved.

Logo Design



Below is a marketing concept for The White Christmas Dip to advertise and challenge and encourage the public to join. ‘Are you brave enough’ is a caption I created to not only portray a message but to encourage conversation about the event. Because sometimes the best marketing is word-of-mouth!