Think Water

App Design, Logo Design

‘Think Water’ is a system designed to handle water management in the home. It shows the user their accurate water usage each day, and how much money they have saved.

Through the use of transparent information, the app aims to change how people think about water. Ultimately communicating the value of water and encouraging responsible water usage. This was a personal project I developed from the RSA Design Awards brief on ‘Water water everywhere’. It was an exciting brief, with great prospects to create something realistic, that could be used on a daily basis.

Logo Design


The app is designed to be easy and simple to use. It connects directly to the hardware fitted to the boiler of the house to display up to date accurate information, whilst also offering advice and information when needed.

The aim was create clarity in the daily use of water, and the differences that can be made when wasting water can be avoided. The incentive to use the app is the added benefit from a points scheme. Through saving water, the user can benefit from discounts, offers and more.