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Illustration by Nadia Flower. I love the simplicity, and patches of colour, something i may give a go myself!

Googling other Stop-Motion Animations! I’ve seen this one before and compared to others I’ve seen it was one of the best. Specifically the swimming section. I love how the hair is always in the right place and emphasis’s movement. The story line clearly shows she’s dreaming, and the song fits perfectly – or the stop […]

This video was the result of a one day brief, of exploring type through tape! We chose an area on campus that contained a row of pillars located in the lunch area, where it would get reasonably busy. Using the pillars seemed perfect, as we could create something quite interesting in perspective. Assigned in our […]

Now it’s very rare that a TV Advert will catch my attention, but the new Muller Rice ‘Wonderful Stuff’ advert is one to watch! Brilliantly animated, and brings back a lot of memories. Definitely an eye catcher!