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Evaluation, Final Major Project

Idea Development Finally finished and what an interesting project this has been. This final major project has been completely different from any other. So Initially being allowed to select our own project made starting out more difficult for me. It wasn’t an issue of coming up with ideas, it was choosing one that would be […]

Happy with this booklet design

Final Major Project These are the final images of my booklet printed. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph it properly because of it being perfect bound, it will not lay open on its own. But it’s amazing how something printed has a much different feel compared to staring at the screen. There’s something about a printed piece […]

Layout Development

Final Major Project – Layout Development With white illustrations, I have decided to take a colour from the illustration for the background. Here i have started with the broken heart article and tried to incorporate the illustration as park of the title which works really well because it flows and it’s not onbious that those […]


Final Major Project – Fonts Choosing this font for the title of the articles on each page was influenced by Newspapers choice for header font’s that are usually the second or third header on the page.

Lots of fonts

Final Major Project – Fonts My favourite font to use for body text is Calibri, and although I tried to look for others, I still find Calibri the best option for the smaller text on the book pages. This will be used for the descriptive text and the author’s name.