Happy with this booklet design

Final Major Project

These are the final images of my booklet printed. Unfortunately I couldn’t photograph it properly because of it being perfect bound, it will not lay open on its own. But it’s amazing how something printed has a much different feel compared to staring at the screen. There’s something about a printed piece of design and being able to hold it that makes its reading experience a lot different to a computer screen. 

The quality of print is great, however the only niggly thing I would point out is how when the book was cut, the edges are not a clean cut, instead you can see lines. But that’s me just being a perfectionist!

And unfortunately after printing and spell checking, I accidentally hit ‘w’ in In Design to hide all the guides one last time and added two ‘w’s’ into a text box header and didn’t notice until i received the final print. Which will teach me to double spell check next time! Otherwise I’m very happy with the design as a booklet.